GPDR and cookie use.

At, we collect information about you. This is done by using cookies. You can always remove these cookies by clearing your browser. How to do it depends on which browser you are using.

When you visit the page for the first time, you can choose which cookies we can place. This is managed in the “prompt” that pops up when visiting the website.

Some choose – with consent – to sign up for our newsletter, where we collect names and email addresses. This requires a double opt-in, where you AFTER accepting, will be sent e-mails once in a while. But only if you accept the double opt-in.

You can choose to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. Either by clicking on a link in the mails we send to you. Or to write directly to us at Then we manually delete your subscription.

If you have been a customer with us we will collect:

Your name

Your address

Your phone number.

And your mail

.. in our customer directory. You can always delete this by contacting us on the above mail.

All job applications are stored for up to 6 months after which they are deleted. Customer inquiries on mail will also be deleted after 6 months. All mails sent receipts or similar that may affect the warranty, service, etc., safely stored in our system on a dedicated suitable mail server.