The thought of a high end brand started in early 2015, where a discussion in a facebook group started to evolve. 

The discussion where about carbon clinchers, and why they were so expensive… why there were only a few brands out there… and why there weren’t any danishbased wheels. 

The Rebel founders decided to investigate the market and find out what was missing in the conservative cycling world. 

With a firm knowledge of the cyclingmarket in scandinavia a journey began to the other side of the world, where the foundation for the Rebel brand would be built. 

With engineers by their side and skilled workers the first prototype for the Rebel wheels were created. 

The focus was clean design that showed an attitude that would be noticed in the cycling and triathlon communities. 

That, combined with a deep knowledge of cycling mechanics and service level , has made the foundation for the Rebel brand, and will be the one thing, that will always be the main focus for the Rebel founders.